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Transformation of the IT delivery model, to reduce enterprise IT costs and enhance service delivery, enables organizations to do more with less. Cloud computing provides organizations the ability to meet changing IT needs at minimal costs. H & m provides Cloud Computing solutions that enable organizations to reduce infrastructure and operational costs. Our solutions are supported by rich experience and technology stacks, as well as with mature and streamlined processes. H & m helps organizations identify the right cloud strategy to successfully transform their business.

Client Challenges
Some key challenges faced by organizations today include:
Strategic balancing of fiscal realities of current infrastructure costs, capabilities and lifespan v/s the on-demand cloud computing-based solutions
Assessing the technical capabilities or constraints and associated business requirements tied to private, public or hybrid cloud solutions
Managing vulnerabilities in cloud information systems leading to potential information security risks, fraud and / or revenue loss
Ensuring the availability of the required skills and resources to efficiently implement cloud solutions
Meeting complex compliance requirements and government regulations around storing, accessing and sharing data
Developing an organizational change strategy in support of, and aligned with, cloud adoption
Building a comprehensive migration strategy to ensure maximum business value, including guidance on what workloads to migrate to which type of cloud computing and for what type of cost and service level or support model
What h&m Provides
H & m's Cloud Computing solutions facilitate the availability of powerful IT capacity at very low cost. Eliminating the need for investing in infrastructure for platforms, our Cloud Computing solutions reduce the need for human resources, bringing down the overall IT cost. H & m offers its Cloud Computing solutions specifically for the Banking & Financial services, Manufacturing and Insurance sectors. Our key Cloud Computing offerings include:
Cloud Consulting - Application Assessment and Migration to Cloud
Application development on PAAS platform
SAAS enablement and migration services
Business Value
As an innovative IT solution, Cloud Computing offers organizations with numerous business benefits such as:
Increased profitability and reduced time-to-market
Optimized operational IT costs
Improved workload optimization and resource utilization
Easy access to highly scalable, flexible and location-independent resources, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced costs
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