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Future Proof
Global Technology centre, chennai
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  global brand launch at the united nations headquarters, New York
  "Revolution means turning the wheel."
- Igor Stravinsky.
the solution depends on how you see the question for over a decade we have seen things differently with the vision to see light where there is none we are helios and matheson
IT isn't just technology. It's the ability to see solutions differently.

seeing the light in health care IT.

with focus comes light. with light comes the answers. with the answers comes growth.

intense focus on the healthcare IT vertical has found helios and matheson growing by leaps and bounds. cutting edge solutions set on a seamless global delivery model by a dynamic workforce have set us right on course towards the $500 million revenue vision.

here’s to the healthy trend.

Helios and Matheson rings NASDAQ Closing Bell
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hmit investor factsheet q1 fy 14
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» Envisioning a larger societal purpose has always been the hallmark of your Company

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people practices
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